Video games are here to stay. With graphics galore and special effects designed for real life fantasy adventures it’s hard for today’s gamers to imagine the early days. A visit to the National Videogame Museum on Frisco property puts it all into perspective. The interactive venue presents a transformation timeline appealing to both video game junkies, regular folks, and history buffs alike.

The “central database” of the museum is called the Timeline of Consoles. Here it’s back to basics. Over 40 machines tell the tale of the emergence of the video game starting with the birth of Magnavox Odyssey way back in the 1970’s. This one of a kind collection brings back memories for generations of visitors. Nearby, a larger than life version of Nintendo’s PONG is ready for play. Families fall into the action and youngsters soon realize old timers rule the school with this one.

Get in the Game when Living in Frisco

Everyone loves the retro arcade. This is one of the most popular spaces in the museum. Iconic games are waiting for player one and player two to step up. A minimum number of tokens are provided along with admission into the Frisco property. Those who are trying to get onto the leader board may have to dig into their pockets for more change though.

The National Video Museum focuses on a mission to “preserve the history of the video game by archiving not only the physical artifacts, but also the information and stories behind its creation.” Guided tours are great ways to get an in depth perspective from the experts.

While gazing back into the past and putting a spotlight on video game origins, the facility also looks to the future. A variety of educational programs are often on the calendar. Featuring STEM subjects children living in Frisco learn while having fun during field trips and other adventures. Programs for adults are engaging and entertaining as well.

The doors to National Video Game Museum are open Tuesday to Sunday. Hours vary so check the website before heading over.