Allen property overflows with open spaces at Celebration Park. Easily found at 701 Angel Parkway acres of recreational amenities overflow. Residents of all ages utilize the park spending time with one another.

Simple memories are just the best and families make the most of this Allen property. Shady spots are made for picnics. Barbeque grills are scattered about ready for hot dogs and hamburgers to be cooked up. When it’s all ready mom spreads out a blanket and expertly lays out the food. Picnic tables are also up for grabs for those that prefer to be off the ground. 

Leisurely strolls along winding walking paths often lend to inspiration. Parents use the walkways to lull little ones to sleep in strollers with appreciative leashed pups by their side. Older youngsters shriek with laughter on the playground. There’s plenty of swinging, sliding, climbing and giggling on any given day. Careful thought was given to the play structure and design elements welcome all kids especially those with special needs.

Cool Is the Rule when Living in Allen

When the Texas sun shines bright and afternoons heat up everyone wants to go to the Celebration Park splash pad. Here bubbles and streams rise up and squirt youngsters who squeal with delight at the cool strands of water.

Sports enthusiasts cheer and jeer during bouts of competition. Fields of dreams are plenty with baseball and softball players hitting home runs and diving for catches. Soccer players kick winning goals to the delight of their teammates. Spectators are vocal by the courts too. Basketball players lay it up real nice, and nearby there’s always a racket on the tennis courts.

Celebration Park is kept in tip top shape by the Allen Parks and Recreation Department. The department also offers community classes of all kinds to residents living in Allen. Find out more about available resources here or call 214.509.4700 for more information.